Featured Poetry

Flight – By Dr. Bill De Armond


A misty silence shrouds my rice field

And I sit on my heels

comfortable in the slight morning breeze

a mute observer

The wind gently moves over the reeds

the faint sound of running water

the croak of a lonely frog

Time stands still


Silently as a kite pulled into the sky

A large white crane

as if impervious to gravity

rises from its hidden resting place

Hovering against the green terrace

a picture painted for a tourist

a specter from a primordial past

The ancient coexisting with the present


In an ever-so-slow motion

of a rustling of wings unfolded

it ascends into the air

Flying off to the next paddy

bearing my spirit away



Dr. Bill DeArmond is Professor of Mass Communications and Film at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas. He served as Program Director of AFKN-TV in Seoul, taught at Meongji University and directed two plays at the Korean National Theater.





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