Featured Poetry

By Jo White



The Decontruction of a Myth

The deconstruction of a myth

A thankless affair

Dependent on




A childhood institution

Of presumable nonsense

Sent to recycle




 Until two grey hairs succeed the one


Edible Transportation


If traffic cones

were full of kimchi

I suppose

more accidents would occur

and cabbage would slip

down greasy windshields

as commuters snacked

and plucked radish

from their antennae.



Seoul Sunbather


I shall lounge in the sun

And bathe in rays

Besieged by concrete titans

With millions of diminutive eyes


As their lids are pulled closed

By controlling hands.


I shall turn in my chair

And listen to the footsteps

Of mechanical pets


On the inky river below.


I shall sip cool liquid

And wipe my brow

As metallic insects


In the smoggy grey jungle

Above me.


I shall retreat

As my skin grows pink.



A Clawfooted Destruction (The crabs of Haeundae Beach)

 Shallow sand became my savior

 and brine my saboteur

 As behemoths built their ephemeral domiciles

 through tunnels I had constructed

 by the stars.

 Escaping by veiled

 co extending


 Forsaking those lost as




Jo White is a wife and mother from Athens, Georgia.  She has traveled to many countries in this beautiful world, including South Korea, Senegal, Switzerland, New Zealand and Bolivia.  She enjoys poetry and hopes to one day create a collection to share with the world.

All images and photography © Korea Lit 2016

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