Featured Poetry


By Uri Park

­I started life

As a green glass bottle

Passed around

From one tanned and weathered hand

To the next


Those hands tipped

And poured me over

And over


They emptied my insides

And placed me

In the growing party

Of other green glass bottles


We stood together

Empty and surrounded

By clouds of smoke


Minutes turned to hours

And soon our shiny

Fingerprinted bodies

Were layered in grease

And smoke


The excited

Rapid noises

Became a slow

Slurring melody


An unharmonious


Between grunts and sighs


I ended life

Bound tightly

In a claustrophobic cluster


My green glass body

Tucked snuggly

Next to another


On a darkened street corner




For the same tanned

And weathered hands

To journey me away


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