Featured Poetry



In the grand scheme of things,

Two Kentucky Boy’s should have nothing to do with Korea,

Which is true,

But we do.


You got a trip over there on a ship,

While I can’t get enough of the Turtle ships,

Speaking Korean could have saved your life

While I want to learn it for no real reason.


You heard the firing of shells, guns, and screams

While I get to listen to the Wonder Girls, Psy, 4mintue.

You saw the blood and guts of war,

While I get to watch their films and shows.


The Ugliness of hell was there then

While I get to see the beauty.

Peace was something that you never saw,

But it’s stable now.


It’s a different place now than when you knew it.

I know more of Korea than I do of you.

If I make it over there,

I’m going to ponder if you stood here.

Your death and the end of the fighting

Was forty years before I was born.

Now, I’m your age.

Our lives are very different.


I drop by to say hi,

Everyone once in a while.

One day soon, I will be able to walk with you,

And then we shall discuss, Korea.


Huck Fenn is an amateur writer/photographer. He can be found at Huckfenn13 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, at WordPress.  




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